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Maybe my age is showing, but I don't understand why it's so hard to find someone who really want a monogamous relationship which involves honesty, fidelity and longevity. In today's society everything is disposable, including someone's heart; and television doesn't help matters any by parading scantily clad teenage girls in front of middle-aged men or buffed out steroid driven men in front of love-starved women and the rest of us are suppose to compete with that.

It's any wonder why anyone would want to work hard at a relationship because if we're not happy with what we currently have, we tend to move on to something else ... however, what ends up happening is what we most fear .... being alone and unloved! How sad.

I've been alone for a long while now because I refuse to be someone else's garbage, to be thrown away after my use has been depleted or a new toy comes on the market. I choose to wait for that special someone who will think of me as that unique special treasure they wish to keep for the rest of their lives. I hope to find that for myself and for all of you as well.

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Hi Angel, I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you. What you have described happens all too often and guys wonder why there are no "good" women out there. What they fall to realize is that we are here and just because we don't look like teenagers or porn stars they want nothing to do with us. You will find that special someone who will appreciate you for the magnificent, beautiful woman you are and when your ex realizes you were the best thing that ever happened to him, it will be too late! Hugs gurl friend!
Not all of us think that way..................................
My Gf for the last four yrs just told me i was worthless and a piece of shit and there's more but i really don't want go there right now. I always wanted to be alone because of the career i wanted to do. I never been able to find the right woman who can handle the 3 am phone call that her husband was just shot. I thought my ex was the one she always said she could handle that . But i guess she couldn't or there is a reason why we broke up that i just can't figure out. Me i am a lost soul in a big world right now
Woww! You should have kicked her to the curb three years and 11 months ago! SHEESH! NO ONE deserves to be spoken to like that. I don't want to get into your business, but it sounds like something else was going on there. Anyhoo, we ALL must treat the person we love like we would want to be treated, anything less shouldn't be tolerated. From what I've gathered from your story is more along the lines of abuse than love. You deserve MUCH better than that!!!
everything started off really good for the first two yrs and then it went downhill from there. You read my 360 blogs
OMG!!! I had no idea this was you? Yes, I do read your 360 blogs. Woww! Well, I'm looking forward to reading your blogs here. Maybe we can get into some in depth discussions. I'm sure there are a thing or three we could learn from each other. Hugs!!
Ahhhhhh Fyre,

Many things and statements come to mind as I read the above Forum subject ! The words of my grandfather are always near to my heart and soul, things like, "Say John, you know the first 100 years are the hardest and after that it is all downhill"! or "You're as young as you feel, it's just some days like this I seem to be 100 years old"! and one of the best of them, "The older you get the smarter I will become in your eyes and understanding", I just may not be here to listen to you tell me so"! (I have stood before their graves many times and thanked them for their love, courage and understanding in raising me to become who I am today and only wish I had been with them more and listened to them more closely than I did !!!!!!!!!
It seems in todays "love market" people tend to spread out across the internet trying to find that one "special" person and the net obviously knows no boundaries in social or economic welfare from one class of people to another! We (I seem to feel) tend to judge a person by thier personality, their wit and humor, and we tend to build a picture of them in our minds eye not from looks but more so from an inner look from what we have heard from them online! Is that "ONE" special person out there? I would think so, our family members from past generations seemed to find them or maybe worked harder to keep them. Every day while treating patients I hear how long some people have been married and yet, also hear how some have been married so many times it takes to hands to count all the X's on! I too, want a life partner who will walk beside me, share in the same enjoyments that I do (fishing, music, movies, outdoors activities, muscle cars, corvettes, and travel) I don't think that is to much to ask for nor would I ever try and hold someone back from doing what they loved and enjoyed to do. I also feel that even if they loved something and I preferred not to partake in it, there would be times when Mike just smiles and sucked it up and went along for the enjoyment of the company of his mate and probably would find out just how much he enjoyed the day, simply because it was spent with her!!!!!!!!! A relationship has to be worked on by both partners (true that) but each partner also has to realize that daily percents are not always going to be 50 / 50 and somedays may seem to stretch on eternally due to some type of stress and strain in the relationship!!!!!!!!! The key word to me is commitment and followed a close second by "FUN" and it doesn't matter where and when the "FUN" happens, in bed, in the hot tub, in the kitchen, in the corvette, in the bass boat, on a walk or in a mall, its all about QUALITY time and not so much QUANTITY time, and some people never seem to realize that!!!!!
Simple words like please and thank you are often forgotten and the most simplist of all............I love you, need you and want you, are often forgotten with the day to day rat race we live in!!!!!!
Fyre you are a very gifted "Treasure" as a friend and I can only imagine as I drive down the road listening to classic rock how much more of a gift you would be at any other level !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

be safe all,

Mike aka: Goose
Those special people who happily fulfill all your needs are still out there, no matter what your age or past experiences. Remember - the person you meet tomorrow had nothing to do with any of your previous disappointments so don't hold him/her accountable for them.

Also remember that in order for that special person to fulfill all your needs in the future , you will have to fulfill all their needs - and sometimes that involves sacrifice. It's a two-way street.

I found true love - the kind that goes beyond just the physical to that place where you understand each others "being" nearly ten years ago at 43 and I've never looked back!! (and just for the record - the physical is just great also!)
FyreWebmaster ,

Did u write the starting post? About being used as garbage?
Yes, I did write the starting post. Sad isn't it?
Maybe you should look to the
I would have to think long and hard about moving away from my family, which is pretty much the reason why I'm still single. I've had more than enough opportunities to move to be with someone, but with my mom being older and not in the best of health I want to stay close. Besides, Why should I be the one to move. I have a career that I love, a home and I live where it doesn't snow ... LOL!!! The guys I've been involved with ALWAYS think that I should be the one to move, what's up with that? (snickers)


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