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When I first saw this the top of my head almost blew off! WTF????? I'm SO very glad I'm not with that department. I really would have had a say about the whole matter and brought it in front of the National media.

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lol.. you're right if you're going to read all of that.... I've been researching all of this for the past 3 years now and it's lead me to this point.... so, you, my Sis, are getting the shortcut view..... lol
McCarthy was a senator who fell prey to the hysteria around communism in the 40 and 50s. Calling people communist (or "red") was common at that time (and earlier), especially amongst conservatives who were against Roosevelt's humane and progressive policies. Child labor laws were called communist; women's rights were called communist. Anything that was in favor of helping the lower classes like unions, shorter work hours, even breaks during the workday were called communist.

McCarthy started by producing a list of gov't employees who were supposed members of the Communist party. You have to remember that many idealists who believed in furthering human rights had looked into joining the Communist party in the US. It wasn't about spying for the USSR, or the Russians taking over the world, or anything like that. It was about the influence over the poor and middle class and their incipient demand for better working conditions. Both Truman and then Eisenhower started and backed a "loyalty review program" to curry favor with the Republicans who were strong in the Congress. And then the witch hunt began. Homosexuals were included in the hunt. If you were a liberal you were suspect.

Once this "movement" took off, McCarthy backers were seeing "reds" under every bed; in every school; amongst the entertainment industry. People were being accused of being communist with no proof. This included teachers, clergy,

Performers from Hollywood were blacklisted. People were turning on each other. The most famous was Walt Disney who ratted out many people in his field, probably to curtail the competition. Charlie Chaplin was one "person of interest". Many entertainers refused to cooperate with this insanity and were sent to prison. Many performers never worked again in the industry. Professors were another group who were targeted.

It was an ugly time in our history. You can do your own research on this, and you should. This kind of mass hysteria can be found throughout our history and is evident today in our "McCarthyism" against Muslims and gays. Well, against anyone who questions our government, our policies, our alleged "national religion" (we don't have one), the definition of patriotism, or our government's attack on the middle and lower classes.
The "research" I do, is "in their own words".... I do not follow any "Professor" or any "opinion" in doing so, I find "facts", the real truth, not what someone wants another to believe as a fact. True research means you follow leads until all have been exhausted or you find within them new leads. But I do not just "read" someone else opinion that can not back it up. So, yes, You too need to do some real, truth finding research...
There is "one" Professor that I've found and of his work, it can be verified by the documentation he puts forth and the research he did in writing his book about "Tax Exempt Foundations" and "Communism"... This Professor was Dr. Carroll Quigley, himself, a professed Marxist, was allowed to go through the different writings, minutes and papers of some of the largest Tax Exempt Foundations of this Country and others around the World. Quigley found that "their goals" were too combine their efforts of controlling the banks and wealth of all Countries with the Communists view on "how to control the people". You can read Quigley's book here, , And follow the research he did to come to the findings he was lead too.

As in doing research, I follow the same rules in doing so that I did as an Investigator, it is very time consuming and fact finding . The time spent on just one book, took me almost a year to research it all and follow the path Quigley himself did. But to think that with the aid of the internet, something Quigley didn't have, it took him 5 years to do his research and only took me a year. But, I do look at "pages" like the,, I also go to the Government websies and pull statements from them that show clearly the Communist intent, like Dept. of Ed's website with a "buried statement that says that once a child becomes a student, that the parents are no longer the "guardian of that child's rights, rather, the "State" becomes that guardian." Or the Dept. of Energy, the Dept. of Commerce, Dept. of Interior and even the State Dept. website.... It's right in front of your faces, if only one were to look.... Or even read "in their own words" like those of Engels, Marx, Knotts, Gramsci, and Lenin. The "Communist Manifesto" is a good source for the path we are on now and have been for the past 100 years. Within the writings of the Communist Manifesto is the work called, "10 planks to Communism", if one were to read just those 10 planks, one would see that "WE" are already living under ALL 10..!

Yes, I do research and I trust the words of the Marxist/Communists/Progressives when they tell and brag of their work..... And I also have eyes and ears that show and tell me just how down hill this Country has gone in just my lifetime and to find articles on "8th grade tests" from the 1890's and 1950's and think that not even some of the College Professors now, COULDN'T pass those same tests today, it boggles the mind that we spend (throw away) Billions of tax dollars every year to "improve" Education in this Country and with every dollar spent ( wasted), that the kids are getting two things out of it... DUMBER AND LEARNING TO BECOME A BETTER COMMUNIST....

This is a direct link to Dr. Carroll Quigley's book " The Evolution of Civilizations"
I've been stateside now since January from Afghanistan and I've seen more American hate here than I did there. I almost died on too many occasions to count, lost eight of my best friends, personally watched 4 of them die, then I come home to this? Taking over this country will be a cakewalk to them, they are laughing at us, they are patient and they are strengthening in numbers. Make no mistake, we are seen as being weak, pathetic, spoiled and whiny and that's the only thing our enemy has said that I agree with. America is still the great country she's always been, it's just too bad her people are deserting her in great numbers. And the Statue of Liberty wept.
Capt. Lewis, first of all, and this is not just being said, but is meant in the very thought of the words... Thank You for your service..! Second, you are right, on ALL counts. We have been fighting an unknown fight for Liberty right here at home since the early 1900's and it has been by design, as in the "slow take over" of America. Why? America is the greatest Country in the history of Man and "others" have been stirring us towards our downfall for nearly 100 years now. The ones behind it have been making money off of your back and the backs of every middle class American Tax Payer since the passage of the 16th Amendment and the Federal Reserve Act. It was the men of Greet and Power that got those Bills passed and it is their heirs today that still control our Government and our wealth. All one has to do is research the names of Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, Guggenheim and others that set up "Tax Exempt Foundations" and they will see that these multi-Billionheirs do not pay any taxes, rather due to their "tax exemptions", WE pay for that exemption and in doing so, fund our own destruction. As with all I post, do not take my word for it, do some research and see for one's self. They aren't trying to hide it at all, no, it is in their own words, on video of them saying it or in the documents their themselves produce. The only thing they hide is their true wealth and they will not disclose that. They want it so bad that they have sided with the Communist Movement to abtain it and as we are seeing now, at any costs.

We all know about how some helped the enemy in past wars, like during WWII, George Soros has said he helped the Nazi's. But how many know that, so did the Rockefeller's.... Standard Oil produced an additive that helped the German's with the fuel for their U-boats and war ships. They shipped it out from South America and their ships carried "friendly flags" to let the Allies and the German's know it was a friendly ship and none were boarded nor sunk during the entire war. They also learned from the Rothschilds that "to fund both sides of a war is betting on both sides and raking in more money because when the dust settles, both sides still have to pay and pay dearly they will"~ Lord Barron Rothschild.

Think about it, the same men that met on Jeykll Island,Ga. are the same ones that wanted to keep their money and rob the middle class American of his. Every time one pays their taxes, they pay for those "Foundations" to be tax exempt. Then, as in the earthquake that struck Haiti, those same "Foundations" asked the American people to "donate" to help the people of Haiti. To date, about $2 Billion dollars have been taken in from around the world for the People of Haiti..... only thing is, after a year, nearly 95% of Haiti's people are still "homeless"....WHY? and where did all that money really go...? On April 20th, that date will be one year since the oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico and the worst oil spill of our history happened. How many "fund raisers" were done for those people? How long did it play on the news? Why do we NOT hear not one more word about it today? People down on the Gulf are screaming as load as they can but it seems that no one is listening..... These people are still hurting and some are sick and dieing, but do we hear anything about it... right here in America....? We NEE to wake up and it better be P.D.Q. or we will wake up one morning to a Country we never wanted to see.....
Damn, seems as though I'm always late to the party. I thought this thread was about yanking the flag off the uniforms of firefighters, but then I read the media eff'd up the truth once again ... shocker, NOT!

Now it seems as though it has turned into a political beatdown and I must say that Craig is winning.

Cappy, I'm sorry you had to come home to people who don't appreciate the sacrifices of our military and if they lived any place else wouldn't have the freedoms to say ignorant and stupid things without being jailed or killed. Thank you for your service sir and for what it's worth, welcome home. We do appreciate your sacrifice, bravery, commitment and patriotism. There are more than a few of us that still love this country, despite the flaws of her people.
AME, SGT. Poole...!
Right on, Craig Taylor. You are so right about people needing to wake up. There have beaen rumblings for years about shadowy groups like the Trilateral Commission and the Gnomes of Zurich, but you don't need to read further than your newspaper, listen to the news (and not the fantasy stuff on Fox). Even though we have moved into an age of news as entertainment, you can still sift through the hype to find the nuggets. Wall Street crashes and our government does what? A. Strips the bad guys of their power B. Restructures the tax system so that corporations cannot take their profits and jobs out of the country C. Eliminates corporate welfare and tax cuts for the super rich D. Restructures wall street and puts back protections and restrictions eliminated by Reagan E. Puts the bad guys into top jobs in the government. ANSWER: E

Then they divide us. They devise wedges that will turn brother on brother. Muslims. Religion. Unions. Flag waving. Abortion. Do these things have anything to do with getting our country back on track? No.

Remember 9-11? We were attacked by a small uber-radical sect of the Muslim faith led by pur friend Osama bin Laden. What did our "fearless leader" do? A. He called for an attack of the country of origin, Saudi Arabia B. He rounded up for questioning all the bin Laden family living and staying in the US C. He implemented a program that would immediately tighten security at our borders D. He sat on a child's chair reading from an upside down book and devised a plan of how to get his friends, the bin Ladens, out of the US E. Devised a plan for "securing" an oil source in the middle east by invading the country on a flimsy excuse of "weapons of mass destruction" (like ours) which they didn't have. ANSWER: D and E

We have a plutocracy in this country. Rule by the rich. No matter how many flags you wave, how often you say "the pledge", no matter how much God you insert into schools,no matter how many unions you bust, that is not going to change. We are being deliberately dumbed down and turned against each other. United we stand, divided we fall. We are definitely falling. Y'all can wave your flags when the takeover is complete. Thanks, Craig.
So, are you going to back this up with "facts" or is this just "your opinion"....? As for reading news papers, lol, you can fill volumes with what they don't print, as for watching ANY MSM's, I do not have the time to watch the "sit-coms" they call "news"... Sorry to burst your bubble there, but, sad but true.... As I said once before, it took me over a year to "research" just the references in one book... so when do you think I have time to read a trash paper or watch the boob tube...? But if you are going to refer to "facts", please posts the links to those facts...


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