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"Welcome to USFRA CH Camacho and glad to have you at the chaplains corner. Blessings on you and your…"
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"My prayers to the Philly Firefighter that lost her life in the line of duty. Even though she is no…"
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Life hurts

Life seems so easy for those whose stories we don't know. We make judgements, put them in a preordained box according to our so called perceptions. Yet we may never know the daily pain, both physical and psychological they go through just to get up and come to the job. We don't ask, don't want to be bothered, or maybe just don't think it's "any of our business". It's sad to me that so many give, give, and give beyond all measure never expecting to get anything back. So, they don't get noticed when they are in pain, need help, or worse just slip away unnoticed when they're in crisis.

Perhaps we need to pay more attention to those who give beyond all 110%, pay attention to when someone asks for help directly. Don't just blow them off with the patented "you'll be oK, you'll get through this." They asked for help, the hardest action to ever take, it's up to you to respond appropriately and HELP THEM. Be a hero of the silent kind, help them get help. Be there without judgement at their hardest time, you may need them at some point to give back. Maybe their plea for help will encourage you to get help before it gets too hard to ask.

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Comment by Bree N. on April 8, 2014 at 12:48pm

Thank you to CH Ron and Cam, it comes from the heart and my own experience.yes Cam please share, if my words can help even one person to help another then everything has meaning in my own struggle.

NREMT-B, Intermediate level trained, confined space speciality in downed buildings, Community Relations (FEMA & PD) Surveillance Security, Master Moulage Artist (disaster response)-Retired from all but not giving up!

Comment by Ronald Jones on April 8, 2014 at 7:06am

A keen and honest observation of life. CH Ron

Comment by Cam Mitchell on April 7, 2014 at 9:27pm

(applause, applause) DAMN good post Bree. I'm even going to share this one.

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