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Ronald Jones commented on the group 'Chaplains Corner'
10 hours ago

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Bree N. commented on the blog post 'SUNDAY Chat Topics!! Drop In & Visit!'
"There's a link for the rules/regulations on the main page and I urge all to read them before…"
10 hours ago

Bob Allard replied to the discussion 'Prayer Request for USFRA VP Janet Liebsch and her father' in the group Chaplains Corner
"Fathers our a big part of our life, Prayers going her way"
12 hours ago

Bob Allard commented on the group 'Chaplains Corner'
"Thanks we will never forget"
12 hours ago

Janet Liebsch commented on the blog post 'A camera doesn't lie, right? Oh yeah!'
"Thank goodness for dash cam .. great post D"
15 hours ago

Janet Liebsch shared Officer Derek Tomlinson's discussion on Facebook
15 hours ago

Janet Liebsch commented on the blog post 'SUNDAY Chat Topics!! Drop In & Visit!'
"Great topics Bree ~ shared on USFRA FB pg. As FYI, people may want to take a look at USFRA's…"
15 hours ago

PTSD Blogger
Bree N. posted a blog post

SUNDAY Chat Topics!! Drop In & Visit!

Sunday brunch 9'til noon -- someone bring the Tim Tams or donuts! Coffee needed! 3 o'clock Sunday…See More
17 hours ago

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Janet Liebsch's Comments

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At 7:44pm on August 31, 2010, Tony Thomas said…
What up pretty lady? I haven't bugged you in a while so I thought I would fly by and nick your neck! (a little vampire humor). The Chief told me about the new direction in the marketing of your book and I think that's excellent. She's lighting a fire under my you know what to get to marketing it, so I will be doing just that (she's a whip cracker and damn good at it too .. haha)

Anyways, I like the idea and I will get right on trying to get some sales for Sept. Preparedness month.

Take care cutie and be safe.
At 10:24pm on August 30, 2010,
Capt. Fyre Walker
Hey gurl! I saw you comment on Cappy's page (spank, spank) you are doing an EXCELLENT job! Please don't think for one moment that you're not. If not for you, I really don't think I could handle it all. You are totally my right hand in the ongoing and uprising success of this website site and I will beat you in the head if you think any different!
At 1:37pm on August 12, 2010, Richard J. Copeland said…
Thanks for the welcome Janet. I'm glad I found this website.
At 6:29am on August 9, 2010, Peter P. Gladis said…
Thank you very much for your Birthday greeting Janet!
At 4:19pm on July 19, 2010, Vinicent Holland said…
Thank you for your birthday wishes. I had a wonderful, stress free, peaceful weekend. I felt strength that wasn't mine, a power greater than the sum of 1 person. So, I thank everybody for their thoughts and prayers and want to let you know, they reached me and they work fulfilled.
At 9:56am on July 15, 2010, Donald Sampsel said…
Good Morning ,Thanks for the add.
At 2:57pm on July 10, 2010, Clint Vallee said…
Love the ball cap!
At 7:31pm on July 3, 2010, LT. Andrew Poole said…
I decided your page needed some red, white and blue!

Myspace Comments
At 6:59pm on July 3, 2010, LT. Andrew Poole said…
Hey Janet! I hope you and Bill are having a great 4th celebration!
At 8:02pm on June 29, 2010,
Capt. Fyre Walker
Hi there gurlie gurl! I'm an aunt! Yipee! (doing backflips and handstands) I'll be posting Kaeli's pictures really soon. She's SOOOO beautiful. (no, I'm not biased!)
At 7:15am on June 29, 2010, Peter P. Gladis said…
Hello Janet. Thank you for your welcome. I love Tuscon. I've been there and to Sierra Vista many times. I am pleased and honored to become a part of this great group.
My personal technical expertise (and hopefully how I can contribute information and help to this group) is in emergency lighting for First Responders (including Mine Rescue Teams as well). I am trying to capture and summaraize the various lighting issues First Responders face when we enter, and are in, an incident. Any suggestions on how to approach? My best, Peter
At 2:43pm on June 5, 2010, LT. Andrew Poole said…
(knucklebump) Congratulations and welcome to the team!
At 9:41pm on June 04, 2010, Bob Allard gave Janet Liebsch a gift
Have a drink or two on mebut have someone else drive
At 9:39pm on June 4, 2010,
Bob Allard
Hey thanks, but you live in a great place, drive safe and wear your seat belts and train often
At 7:02am on June 4, 2010, Tony Thomas said…
Congratulations pretty lady! Great to have you join the team! If you have any questions and the Chief is not available, I do what I can to help you out.

Stay safe Janet and have an awesome day!
At 3:30pm on June 3, 2010,
Bob Allard
Thanks for the invite and those are some cool pics.
At 5:10am on May 28, 2010, Stevo said…
Hope all is well! Taking the camper out this holiday weekend, Be safe and talk to you soon!
At 10:30pm on May 27, 2010, Old Mizer gave Janet Liebsch a gift
Thank You for all your support. Oh... btw ...Don't feel alone. We all get wrinkles sooner or later. Ooooops!!
At 6:53pm on May 23, 2010, Tracey Martini said…
Thank you very much, I hope you have had a very nice day
At 10:23am on May 17, 2010, Michele Rosenthal said…
Hi, Janet -- Happy belated birthday!! And thanks for the warm USFRA welcome. If you ever need any PTSD info please let me know -- I've got TONS and am always willing to share. Have a joyful day!

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