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I would like to recognize the heroic actions of Deputy Nick Worthy, who risked his life last night while upholding his constitutional oath in the protection of our citizens.

Last night’s incident started at approximately 9:08 PM, when the Brevard County Sheriff's Office responded to the area of Moss Lane and Aurora Road, Cocoa, to assist the Cocoa Police Department regarding the report of an armed subject discharging a firearm in a residential area. The original 911-caller stated the suspect was repeatedly shooting from across the street and a bullet had entered their home, which was occupied by children.

Deputy Nick Worthy, was the first Deputy to arrive at approximately 9:12 PM, and turned onto Aurora Road from West King Street where he observed a subject matching the description of the armed suspect. Deputy Worthy stopped his car in the roadway and activated his emergency blue-lights, at which time the suspect began advancing toward the vehicle discharging his weapon into the marked patrol car.

Deputy Worthy exited his vehicle and took cover as he exchanged gunfire with the suspect. During the exchange, the suspect aggressively advanced toward Deputy Worthy’s location at the rear of the patrol car from the front and continued to discharge his firearm at the Deputy. The suspect was armed with a handgun and fired multiple rounds at Deputy Worthy. The suspect then confronted Deputy Worthy at the rear of the patrol car where Deputy Worthy ended the violent attack by responding with deadly force. The suspect was transported from the scene by Fire Rescue personnel to Weusthoff Hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

The suspect is identified as 30-year-old Cedrick Lamont Bishop of Cocoa, who has an extensive and violent criminal history. In 2007 Bishop was sentenced to the Florida Department of Corrections relative to Burglary, Attempted Robbery and Cocaine Possession charges. Upon release from prison, Bishop’s career criminal status continued with charges relating to Felony Drugs, Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Battery with a Firearm, Discharging a Firearm in Public, Possession of a Firearm by a Career Criminal, Resisting Arrest and Motor Vehicle Theft.

There were no other injuries reported as a result of Bishop's actions, however, a number of crime scenes were identified throughout the neighborhood where he had illegally discharged his firearm. Sheriff’s Office Homicide Agents and Crime Scene Investigators worked throughout the night processing the multiple scenes.

I'm am absolutely disgusted that a violent career criminal with an arrest history like this is free to roam the community, terrorizing our citizens. This individual's criminal history demonstrates a blatant disregard for the law and anyone's life but his own. Deputy Worthy responded to a call for assistance and was shot at before he could even get out of his patrol car, the only thing he had time to do was save his own life! Enough is enough, and it’s time to start keeping criminals like this permanently locked behind bars where they can't continue to victimize our communities. I could not be more proud of Deputy Worthy, he is a hero, a Deputy who stood against the threat of death to protect his community.

For those of you who do not know Nick, he is a decorated combat veteran who proudly served a total of 5 tours abroad in both Iraq and Afghanistan as an Infantryman and Ranger in the U.S. Army. Deputy Worthy’s military commendations include being awarded the Bronze Star with Valor for distinguished heroism in combat. Deputy Worthy is currently assigned to the Sheriff’s West Precinct as a Patrol Deputy.

Please join me in not only recognizing the incredible actions of Deputy Worthy, but on behalf of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and a grateful community, extending our thanks to his efforts and our thoughts and prayers to him and his family as he prepares to return to duty. We are truly blessed that no harm came to Nick last night and that no innocent citizens were harmed with the horrific actions of the suspect.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey

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Excellent job Deputy Worthy (and great post Jesse)..! The Sheriff's right - it's disgusting that violent pukes like this roam the streets but so glad Deputy's okay and chalk one up for the good guys!

It's great to have guys like this on our side!!! Great job Brother and much respect and gratitude!!

Great post Jesse and a fist bump to Officer Worthy!


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